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Tecido plissado


What is it?

AMMAN Spa Consulting is concerned with well-being in every detail, as it recognizes that there is no single approach in the search for health and balance. To achieve this personalization in the spas where it operates, natural therapies are offered, adapted to the specific needs of each individual. The journey of multiple experiences of well-being and relaxation begins the moment the client enters the spa.


With the aim of guaranteeing benefits through comprehensive customer care, we follow four pillars that define the Wellbeing Journey: Approach to the Customer, Application of Innovative Therapies and Sensory Experiences, Employee Consultative Profile and Personalization of services through a specialized look at the concept.

Experiêncas Sensoriais

Sensory Experiences

In addition to massage therapies, AMMAN creates spaces with complementary integrative therapies, which combine practices, experiences and environments to promote well-being and self-awareness. Complementary Integrative Practices (CIP) aim to maintain or restore physical and mental health in an integrated way.


The "touchless" well-being experiences created by the consultancy include techniques and treatments that stimulate the 5 senses. Check out some of the most innovative touch experiences created by AMMAN.

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